• Public Speaking

    Over the last six years, I have spoken in more than a dozen countries (US, Colombia, Egypt, Brazil, Hong Kong, Mexico, among others) both to large crowds and very small, private groups. I have presented internationally at TEDx events​, addressed big companies like Google and the U.N., keynoted conferences like the Retail Industry Leaders Association and Social Media Week. I have lectured at many universities and colleges including Columbia, MIT, Harvard, and Yale.


    I am also considered an international ambassador for the happiness movement. I am grateful for the opportunity to have empowered people across three continents and swapped stories with politicians, former guerrilla combatants, and countless community leaders.


    For speaking arrangements, please contact me directly at: marioch@yahoo.com.

    Happiness Activism

    Google Headquarters

    Mountain View, CA

    How the streets of Cambridge, NYC, Bogota, and Pasto allowed me to connect with doers, ideas, and initiatives that helped me to ignite a happiness revolution that in just a few years has reached over 80 million of people in 33 countries.

    Disruptive Innovation


    Brooklyn, NY

    Disruptive approach and techniques to find out "what makes people happy" in Williamsburg Brooklyn that sparked a global movement of happiness activists.

    Happiness & Innovation

    Retail Leaders Association

    Minneapolis, MN

    If necessity is the mother of invention, happiness is the father. I explore how happiness is a key element to inspire innovation, connectivity and change among companies, consumers, and society in general.

    Hacking Happiness


    Cambridge, MA

    Compelling stories plus a series of scientific tricks, shortcuts, and methods that increases happiness and efficiency in a disruptive way.

    Tourist Attitude


    Bogota, Colombia

    Theory of the traveler's state of mind as a powerful tool to be more creative and to have a different approach to work and life in general.

    101 Happiness



    Described the process on the creation of an on-line crowd sourcing projects to spark a global community.

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