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5 Lessons from touring Europe with J Balvin

I recently had the chance to join J Balvin on 6 of the 22 cities on his European tour. It was an unforgettable experience, packed with challenges and personal growth. Here are five takeaways that not only made our tour better but also offer valuable lessons for any organization aiming for success, hard work, and fun.

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1. Bring your friends to work 

Jose (J Balvin) has a unique ability to turn the often grueling demands of touring into a series of enjoyable, camaraderie-filled adventures. He creates an atmosphere that feels more like a school trip, where every challenge becomes a chance for fun and bonding. This approach fosters a supportive and cohesive team environment, making hard work feel like a collective joy.

Tip: Let your peers bring their friends to work. Encourage employees to involve trusted friends in appropriate initiatives. This can enhance camaraderie and create a more enjoyable and cohesive work environment.

2. Embrace your “Peter Pan”

Laughter and play aren’t just for kids. They’re crucial for maintaining morale and team spirit. By keeping things light-hearted and joyful, we navigated the stresses of the tour more effectively and strengthened our bonds. This playful mindset can breathe new life into any workplace, making it more dynamic and resilient.

Tip: Incorporate humor and play into your work culture. Simple activities like game breaks or team-building exercises can enhance morale and strengthen connections within your team.

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3. Be the CEO of yourself 

Jose’s disciplined routine—focusing on sleep, diet, and exercise, and guided by his fitness advisor James Scott—inspired all of us. This self-care regimen boosted everyone’s well-being and performance. Prioritizing personal health and discipline is key to sustaining long-term success and resilience, no matter the field.

Tip: Encourage employees to develop personal routines that prioritize health and well-being. Offer wellness programs and flexible schedules that allow for personal care.

4. Stay humble 

Jose’s unwavering respect and kindness toward everyone he meets, regardless of their role, set a powerful example. His humility earned him admiration and built a culture of mutual respect. Embracing humility can strengthen any organization’s core values and create a more inclusive environment.

Tip: Foster a culture of respect and humility in your organization. Lead by example, showing kindness and appreciation for every team member’s contributions, regardless of their position.

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5. Establish daily rituals 

Shared rituals like pre-stage dances, communal meals, and card games created a sense of gratitude and togetherness. These small, consistent practices built a strong community spirit and can be easily adapted to foster connection and appreciation within any team. It’s about finding those little daily habits that bring people closer together.

Tip: Implement daily or weekly rituals that promote team bonding and gratitude. Encourage teams to create their own unique rituals that resonate with their dynamics.

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Gracias Jose, and kudos to the incredible team—La familia! Your approach has taught me invaluable lessons that I believe can benefit many organizations.

The balance of hard work, play, and respect that you bring is essential to building a meaningful and successful work experience. I’m excited to apply these principles and continue learning from the way you work.