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Celebrate the International Day of Happiness with Me!

Hola Familia!

As many of you might know, I'm a Happiness Activist and my duty is to create awareness in individuals, governments, and organizations to prioritize happiness. As part of my “Happtivism” in 2012, a group of other Happiness Activists and I helped the creation of the International Day of Happiness that was established by the United Nations in General Assembly Resolution 66/281. (Here is a video from our celebrations in 2014 :)


Join us tomorrow to celebrate the International Day of Happiness on March 20!


  • Yellow Mellow: Wear something yellow on March 20 and wish a happy day to at least 5 people during the day.
  • Happy Minute: March 20 = 3.20 = Happiness Minute. Happiness needs a destination (3:20 p.m); a reason (positivity); a frequency (every day at 3:20 pm). Wish a happy day to whoever you want at 3:20 pm.
  • Spread the word: share pictures or videos of things or people that make you happy using #happyday #InternationalDayOfHappiness)

Lots of reasons…

1. The five previous years have seen a massive surge of very positive online support and social media activity - so people really care about this!
2. All around the world groups of people are organizing events to support the day and help create more happiness in their local communities (e.g. our positive flash mobs in lots of major cities - these things are lots of fun and people LOVE being involved with them and interactive with them).
3. Happiness is about making positive connections with others - to help overcome the problems of social isolation and loneliness which are reaching epidemic proportions. So this is addressing a major social issue in a positive, inclusive and inspiring way

4. Why not?

From the bottom of my heart, thanks a lot to all the happiness activists around the world that keep inspiring us with their projects, ideas, and actions. It's definitely an easy task, but is totally worth it! (and need it...)

On happiness,

Ps/. This was our last year's Int Day of Happiness at Coursera (:

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