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    Some relevant news about my work

    Featured by Fast Company for my work with Coursera in LatAm



    At Coursera, we launched the Global Skills Index based on skills data from 65 M learners



    How Managers can avoid paying favorites



    "Mario continues to dream big. He wants to use happiness as a resource to promote the peace process in Colombia."

    "To recognize International Day of Happiness, Mashable teamed up with Mario's organization Make It Happy"



    Talks at Google featured Mario's work on happiness



    Featured by THE for Coursera's C4C Covid Initiative in LatAm



    Coursera grew 6 times faster in LatAm helped by swift Covid-19 response initiatives



    "Mario is definitely transforming the world through his personal believe in Happiness"



    Director de Coursera para Iberoamérica: "El mundo está más abierto a creer en las personas que demuestren sus habilidades"



    5 cosas que no sabías sobre la educación en línea



    "Mario’s challenge for the rest of us, however, is simple – think of happiness for just one minute every day for 30 days."



    3 cursos online para mejorar tu CV



    "Mario Chamorro, el colombiano que quiere ganarle a WhatsApp"



    "Habla el pastuso tras ‘Soma’, la aplicación que compite con WhatsApp"



    "Este colombiano es un activista social que ha dado charlas a más de 70.000 personas"



    "Soma: la aplicación que compite con WhatsApp"



    Lideres RCN



    Projecto: Pereira la más feliz



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