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Conversations with an Apu

Finding Wisdom and Unconditional Love in the Mountains

After a magical session with Dr. Aidan Kinsella, a Network Spinal Chiropractor, I felt a strong calling to take a walk in the mountain next to my home. During my time in Pasto, I learned that mountains are called Apus and are considered the Andes' protective spirits.

Usually, I go on daily hikes with my wife Laura to the nearby mountains. It's our way of connecting with each other and grounding ourselves in the present moment. Every walk begins with a simple but powerful question: "What are you grateful for today?"

During today's solo hike on the Baquiano trail, with each step, I felt a deeper connection with the mountain. Suddenly, I was engaged in a heartfelt conversation with the mountain as if speaking to an old friend.

During our conversation, I asked the Apu (mountain) for advice on two main topics that have been troubling me lately:

1/. How can I decrease my insecurities and start trusting myself more?

2/. How can I reduce negativity in my thoughts and cultivate more uplifting thinking?

Me having a conversation with the Mountain on Baquiano trail

After a long walk, I started feeling self-conscious about talking out loud to the mountain, so I switched gears and played some music on Spotify. A few minutes later, I received a text from my dear friend Whitney wishing me good luck on my upcoming Vipassana retreat.

Her message deeply touched me, and told her I would send her lots of Metta during my retreat. Metta is used during Vipassana meditation to cultivate loving-kindness for ourselves and others, which reminded me of the concept of unconditional love.

While contemplating these concepts, I found myself creating rhythms and impressions in my head, with various voices singing about "Unconditional love." In fact, I started freestyling with the following words:

Unconditional love is what I need,

Unconditional love is what I seek,

Unconditional love is what we all need,

Unconditional love is how I feel.

An entire Broadway show seemed to unfold in my mind with these words until I was about to leave the mountain and suddenly realized that she had answered my questions about insecurities and negativity with unconditional love.

I stopped and stood frozen, realizing the profoundness of the moment. The mountain next to my home could be one of my Apus; she has always answered my questions about life and my existence.

Immediately, a wave of gratitude washed over me, and tears escaped my cheeks. I felt loved and couldn't help but laugh at my two-hour conversation with the mountain.

Cultivating unconditional love for myself will help me decrease my insecurities and nurture more uplifting thoughts.

Tip: When in doubt, remember the mantra "RULE"Radical Unconditional Love Every day.

Gracias, montaña hermosa!

Ps/. I also talk to the trees near home :)