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On Sabbatical

Embracing transformation and personal growth


I wanted to share some exciting news with you all. After much contemplation and reflection, and with over two decades of hard work and dedication, I have decided to embark on a transformative sabbatical journey. During this period, I will focus on recharging, gaining fresh perspectives, and exploring new passions.

For my sabbatical, I will take a break from my professional responsibilities to prioritize several key areas in my life. This includes purifying my mind, nurturing body connection, cultivating playfulness, supporting my parents, and taking the time to rest and recharge. This intentional pause will provide me with the opportunity for profound self-reflection, continuous learning, and engaging in meaningful experiences that will undoubtedly enrich both my personal and professional life upon my return.

I began my sabbatical with a transformative 10-day Vipassana silent and meditation retreat in North Fork, California.

While I may be stepping away from my regular work routine, these intentional pauses and periods of self-discovery are essential for personal and professional development. I eagerly look forward to returning with a renewed perspective, revitalized energy, and many new experiences that will contribute to my future endeavors.

Throughout my sabbatical, I will remain open to new connections, ideas, and opportunities that align with my values and aspirations. If you have any suggestions or recommendations or wish to stay in touch, please feel free to contact me directly via LinkedIn. I would be delighted to connect and share experiences along this transformative journey.

Thank you all once again for your support and understanding. I am excited for the adventures and the growth that awaits. Let's stay connected, and I can't wait to reconnect with each and every one of you upon my return.

BIG abrazos!